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More about CCA

For decades, communities have been told what to do by outside experts who know very little about the reality of the lived experiences of marginalized communities. The Culture-Centered Approach (CCA) revolutionizes that idea by pointing out that local communities know best what works the best for them. CCA is a participatory community-driven method for developing health solutions where the ownership of the solutions is situated in the hands of local communities. Academic partners work with community organizations, community leaders and community members to develop community-based solutions to problems of health. Program objectives, research tools, communication solutions, and evaluation criteria are developed by the local community through its partnership with academic members.

The tools we use in CCA are simple:
•    Listen to local voices
•    Respect local wisdom
•    Dialogue together about solutions
•    Build bridges between local community and biomedical knowledge
•    Work in Solidarity
•    Treat knowledge with humility